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The “Legends Club” is one of the most unique NFT projects I’ve seen in a while. Designed by the famous European graphic designer, Mikka, who, as an elite author at Envato marketplace has grossed more than 5200 sales worldwide.

As an artist, Mikka came up with his own unique style of expressive artworks using a colour palette based on his creative choices. He draws emotions, feelings and memories aimed at finding and releasing an inner emotion.

Legends Club" offers what I have been looking for - a serious project with a unique identity and high creative artistic values.

Expressively casting lines and colors, Mikka brings us the legends and their immortality which have accompanied us throughout our lives. 

N. Shillova, Founder / Chairman  FILMICA 

Introducing The Future of The Film Industry

LegendsClub Gallery


Video introduction of "Legends CLub". First  collection of 52 NFTs
in two categories: Music and Forever 27 Club Legends.

3D Virtual Exhibition

Experience the endless potentials of NFT digital artworks in an interactive
virtual 3D exhibition introducing some of the LegendsClub best NFTs. 

Mobile / Table


Building the “Junior Legends Club” out of the new talents across the world.

How many young talents did you know from your neighborhood who had a DREAM of becoming someone valuable in our society? They, for sure had everything: talent, a stunning voice, commitment, that spark in their eyes shining more than the shiniest stars in the sky, but sadly, they didn't have any support.    In the first phase we are creating a strong supportive community, where, through the decentralized system will search, find and rise the new talents, beginning this journey with the field of music.
Later we will support other categories as well such as new talented actors with a support of our partners FILMICA and Link International Film Festival.   Every hodler of the "Legends Club" NFT will become our member, whereas, depending on their member level, theywill have decision making power through a voting process on diverse campaign strategies.

Contest winners will be further supported by our program, and after the proven achievements during this long journey,
they will be nominated to officially enter the "Junior Legends Club" category by placing their abstract portrait in the
"Walk of Legends" in the 3D Virtual space.  Since we have a very serious project ahead, in addition, we are creating an
online fundraiser for nonprofit financial contributions by people that are happy to support our cause. 

LegendsClub FAQ

There are 52 Legends in the first collection.
We will launch another set of 50 Legends shortly and will continue to launch further sets until the 400 Legends max is reached.  

The size and quality of the "Legends Club" is very large. Each NFT image is 22000 x 30000 px with a fantastic 450dpi resolution. Calculating in metric units, an NFT image is 1.25 meters wide and 1.7 meters high. If you print a Legend at a height of 10 meters - you will barely notice a quality loss.

Firstly, join our Tweeter here! We are having there a plenty of activities to bring our community together. Also, please bear in mind to follow our social media platforms for an up-to-date announcement.

Yes, you can resell on OpenSea at anytime, since there are a limited number of Legends their value and demand will constantly increase.

Every hodler of the "Legends Club" NFT will become our member, whereas, depending on their member levels will have decision making power through voting process on diverse campaigns strategies.

Reselling your NFT means dropping your membership including your future privileges at “Legends Club”.  

You can purchase LegensClub on Opensea marketplace.


The creations of the Legends
Releasing the Website and Social Platforms
Promo Video for the first collection

Launch the first MUSIC collection of 40 Legends
Launch the Forever 27 Club 12 Legends
Inaugurate the Custom-Made 3D Virtual Gallery  

Music Legends


Forever 27 Club Legends


Custom-Made 3D Virtual Gallery

Launch the first ACTORS collection of 50 Legends
Inaugurate the Custom-Made ACTORS collection Virtual Exhibition
Current HODLERS will be rewarded with exclusive airdrops

Launch the first PERSONA collection of 50 Legends
Inaugurate the Custom-Made PERSONA collection 3D Virtual Gallery

Launch the first SPORT collection of 50 Legends
Inaugurate the Custom-Made SPORT collection 3D Virtual Gallery

Launch the second MUSIC collection of 50 Legends
Launch the second ACTORS collection of 50 Legends
Launch the second PERSONA collection of 50 Legends
Launch the second SPORT collection of 50 Legends

The mission goes on and our journey has just begun!

The Founder

Hello there! My name is Mikka - the founder & artist behind “Legends Club”. 
I’ve started working as a graphic designer since 1993 while my daily job is the professor of Graphic Design.

Additionally, I’m the Elite author at Envato marketplace. My work appears in book and magazine design, 3D animation, video, tv and film production. 

In the mid-2000s, I created a unique style of digital artworks inspired by French love poems. The amazing world of poetry, filled with diverse emotions, led me to create a new creative style. 
Thus, being inspired by this new trend, I began with great love to create digital portraits of legends of music, film, sports, etc. gathering everyone in the world family of NFT entitled "Legends Club"

We have just started this journey together, so, for this reason, I will continue to create the legends NFTs that changed the world and gave us so much joy and happiness throughout our lives.

Mikka, the Founder



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